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Jamaican Chicken Curry

Curry flavours vary from region to region and Jamaican curries definitely have their own, distinct flavour. Liberal use of coconut milk, allspice in the curry blend, and the sweet and kick of spicy scotch bonnet peppers are what set these dishes apart. I have used scotch bonnet sauce in my recipe, but you can certainly …


Make It! Jamaican Curry Powder

Jamaican curry powder has a distinct flavour profile that sets it apart from other curry powders that you may have tried. The presence of allspice is the main difference. Without allspice, it just is not Jamaican. Full stop. Fenugreek, nutmeg and mustard seeds all lend their magic to make this a unique and fragrant spice …


Make It! Garam Masala

If you’re like me, you probably have several dozen different spices sitting in your pantry cupboard that need to be used up. So, why go and buy a spice blend when the ingredients are probably sitting right there? Spice blending is a lot of fun, makes your house smell amazing, and it’s more economical than …