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Pad Ka Prow – Thai Beef and Basil

This dish can be made with strips of beef or with ground beef, chicken, or pork. Th main ingredient is really the basil. It’s not the usual thai basil, with the purple stems and large shiny leaves. This is Holy Basil, or Hot Basil. It is Ka Prow. You can tell it by it’s slightly …


Beef and Apricot Tagine

The fragrant aroma of a tagine slowly cooking is one of my favourite cooking highs. Yes, I have those.   If you don’t have a tagine to cook it in, make sure you cover a large casserole tightly with foil to keep the moisture in. This is a dish of the desert and there is …


Curry in a Hurry – A Fast and Easy Beef Madras

This recipe goes against everything that you’ve ever heard about cooking chuck roast beef, or even a curry, but it works and it’s a wonderful time saver. There is always the option to do the traditional, slow simmered beef curry, if you have the time. You will be amazed that the quick cook method comes …

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