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Knits Techniques

Long Tail Cast On

When you need to cast on a permanent, clean edge to build your knitted piece on, there are two main methods. You can either knit them on using the English Cable Cast On  or you can use a long tail cast on. I love the long tail cast on because it is extremely fast once you get …

Knits Techniques

English Cable Cast On

When I am teaching beginners, I always show them the English Cable Cast On. Not only does it give a firm, stable and even edge, but it also teaches the basics of knitting right from the get-go.   Like many cast ons, it begins with a slip knot. A slip knot is a loop with another …

Knits Techniques

Darn It!!!

Lots of people, myself included, love to knit socks. We love knitting socks so much that there are entire websites, facebook pages, blogs, pattern books and designers that are  devoted to nothing but socks. There are even beautiful little wooden boxes and chests made especially for keeping our treasured, hand knit socks. I am a …