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Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pies are eaten all over North America and there are as many versions as there are moms with a leftover chicken. We think that is one would do you proud at any fancy, foodie potluck. In fact, take two, because one won’t be around for long. Here’s why: A beautiful, buttery, golden biscuit …


Chocolate Mocha Macarons

Macarons are notorious for being finicky to make, and I’ve certainly made easier recipes in my life. If you fail at any one of the steps, you will have flat little wrinkled pancakes or empty balloons that crumble at a touch. What we want are nicely domed, slightly chewy, airy little cookies that have a …


Wabi Sabi Snack Crackers

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term that is difficult to translate. Roughly, it means idealized imperfection, rustic beauty or an appreciation or the unique randomness of a handmade or natural object. The beauty of these crackers is that they are very rustic, random and beautiful in both looks and taste! They’re loaded with Japanese inspired …


Red River Snack Crackers

These little crackers pair beautifully with cheeses, pickled vegetables, cured meats, jams and preserves. They are full of cracked whole grains and flaxseeds for extra crunch. The best thing is that they are so simple to make! Crispy crackers that would be right at home on your charcuterie board. Loaded with whole grains and crunchy …


Jamaican Chicken Curry

Curry flavours vary from region to region and Jamaican curries definitely have their own, distinct flavour. Liberal use of coconut milk, allspice in the curry blend, and the sweet and kick of spicy scotch bonnet peppers are what set these dishes apart. I have used scotch bonnet sauce in my recipe, but you can certainly …


Make It! Jamaican Curry Powder

Jamaican curry powder has a distinct flavour profile that sets it apart from other curry powders that you may have tried. The presence of allspice is the main difference. Without allspice, it just is not Jamaican. Full stop. Fenugreek, nutmeg and mustard seeds all lend their magic to make this a unique and fragrant spice …


Make It! Dijon Style Mustard

Dijon has been a mustard making centre since the Middle Ages. Traditionally it is made exclusively of brown mustard seeds soaked in verjus, the acidic juice of unripened grapes. For the sake of availability, I’ve used white wine, but if you have access to verjus, then all the better! I also use a 50/50 mix …


Maritime Seafood Chowder

This soup is not thickened with any roux or starch. It’s thick and rich because it is loaded with seafood, vegetables and cream. Wine, herbs and delicious shellfish make a heady aroma that pictures can’t transmit. You have to try it, then you’ll know!


Your Daily Bread

This is an essential, fundamental loaf of bread. It’s the type that you will want to make a sandwich with, or some toast in the morning. It’s humble and unintrusive. There are no seeds or flavours to clash with your soup or stew. It’s what’s needed to support everything from your favourite jam to tuna …